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Through the units they study, our pupils will become historians. They will be able to ask and answer questions, think critically, evaluate source material, appreciate different viewpoints and develop their own sense of perspective. They will be able to appreciate how life has changed in both Britain and across the world. By the end of KS2, they will be able to explain how invasion and resistance shapes countries, how empires and civilisations were built and the legacy each one has left behind. They will use the lessons from the past to shape their futures.

Below you can find the intent of our history curriculum, which explains our aims for children in their history learning. You can also see the overview of topics that we currently study. 

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Leeds Museum

Leeds Musuem has a great You Tube channel where they introduce you to some of their wonderful artefacts. Check it out here: 


History in 100 objects

The British Museum has completed a fabulous project using 100 different weird and wonderful objects from world history. Can you guess what each one is showing you before you click on it to reveal the true story behind it? 


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