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Long Term Plan

Human and Physical Geography

This strand of Geography teaches about human geography and is based around the children's understanding of the square kilometre of land around our school. 

Through this study, the understanding of the impact that people have on their landscape and how they utilise it's physical geography develops in a logical and progressive manner, stimulating high level geographical understanding through class and field based activity.

Children are taught to develop their understanding of physical geography through this strand of learning. As well as learning about the 'natural' world, they are able to study it's beauty at first hand and develop a sense of 'awe and wonder' at how the different natural systems work together to shape the world in which we live. Field trips and residential visits form an important part of our work in this area as the children get to experience and challenge their understanding of the physical world.

National Curriculum for KS1 and KS2

Tips for parents to encourage their young geographers!

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