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In-Year School Transfer Forms

Gledhow operates within a common Leeds framework for the administration of children moving from school to school during the academic year.

Parents moving to the Gledhow/Wigton Moor Planning Area are fortunate in being able to apply to a number of excellent primary schools. Each school is unique and offers a different version of high qualiy education - something to suit everyone. We would encourage parents to come and have a look at our great schools to find out which best suits their child. Unfortunately, the current situation is that many schools are full and some like ours are highly over-subscribed.

You are required to complete an In Year Common Preference Form, below,  and return it to any school, or send it direct to Leeds Children's Services. This will then be processed and if a place is available at the school and your child is top of the waiting list, they will be admitted. If this is not the case, Leeds Children's Services will refuse the request and you will be given the opportunity to appeal against the decision.

Transfer Forms

LEA Transfer Guidance


  • Before you request to transfer schools, you must talk through any problems with the current school. Transferring schools can be very disruptive to a pupil.​ If you are not happy with the way the school is dealing with the problem you should speak to the Headteacher or the Chair of Governors at the school
  • You will need to complete an In Year Common Preference Form (PDF 732 KB). The school you want to transfer to can also supply you with one of these. You need to return the completed form to the school either in person or by post. During school holidays you can email the form to education.transfers@leeds.gov.uk or post to Leeds City Council, PO Box 837, Admissions, Leeds, LS1 9PZ. These will then be sent to the school
  • If the school is able to offer you a place, you will receive a letter confirming this
  • If the school is unable to offer you a place your child will automatically be added to the waiting list. In addition, the admissions team will contact you in writing to let you know about other schools in your area and any vacancies at these schools
  • You will have the right of appeal to an independent panel for the school you have been refused. If you want more information about the appeals process please visit School appeals
  • If you are moving out of Leeds please contact the authorities admissions team for the place you are moving to for advice on transferring schools

Moving house

  • If you are moving out of Leeds please contact the local authority for the place you are moving to for advice on transferring schools
  • You will need to provide proof that you have moved. A photocopy of the proof should be attached in an email to education.transfers@leeds.gov.uk
  • Acceptable proofs of address are photocopies of:
  • Any exit utility bill for the previous property, for example, gas, electricity, water, landline telephone
  • AND
  • A council tax bill for the new property in the parent’s name
  • OR
  • A tenancy agreement for the rented property
  • OR
  • A document stating a house sale has completed (exchange of contracts is not sufficient)

You must apply for a school place using the address where your child lives for the majority of the time.

Some schools including voluntary aided, free schools, academies and trusts are their own admissions authorities and have their own individual admissions policies. You can find these on the individual schools websites or by searching for the relevant school on the Schools search page.

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