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Gledhow School Council

School Council is an elected body that represents all children throughout the school. Meeting every week they discuss ideas and issues brought forward from their classes and younger children. Properly minuted meetings agree proposals that are either enacted or taken forward to discuss with members of staff and the leadership team. The Council has successfully enabled major changes such as refurbishing school toilets.


To be elected, children from Year 3 onwards present an election speech to their class outlining why they wish to be a member. The class then vote for their two representatives,

There are therefore sixteen council members for the school, from which a chair, vice chair and minutes secretary are elected. An honorary member is also appointed each year for special services to the school.

Latest News

The school council involves Year 3 children, as well as the usual Year 4, 5 and 6. This means that the younger end of KS2 may have their voices heard. Class elections will be held shortly and the newly elected council will be up and running straight after October half term.

We are currently awaiting confirmation, from Fabian Hamilton MP, that we are able to visit the Houses of Parliament again this year during the Summer (for which a fund raising event will be held nearer the time).

Learning about Democracy

As well as being a member of the school council, the councillors learn about democratic processes and how they are central to how our country operates.

Each year the council are invited to meet their MP at the Houses of Parliament. The council has to raise their own funds for the journey.