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Learning Mentor Team

Our Learning Mentor Inclusion Team forms a crucial part of the learning provision we provide at Gledhow Primary School. Our Learning Mentors Mr Wood, Mrs Burrough and Behaviour Support Worker, Mrs Pitter are non-class based staff who support the social, emotional and mental health needs of the pupils of Gledhow Primary School.  All demonstrate the utmost care and professionalism in the way they support children so as to access their learning.

Social and Emotional Development Service

All children at Gledhow are encouraged to aim for the best that they can achieve in all that they do. Our school develops independence in learning and values this equally alongside academic achievement in all areas of the curriculum. 

Sometimes, for any number of reasons, children can find school a challenging place to be. This can then have an impact on how they express their feelings and manage their emotions. It can also impact how they interact with their peers and adults. A child’s ability to learn and achieve may be affected as a result. 

The inclusion team at Gledhow offer an ‘in house’ service that aims to help and support children, to ensure that children have a positive school experience. A referral to the inclusion team is made by the class teacher. This referral is shared with parents and carers once the referral has been made in order to ensure clear communication between home and school. 

The referral is followed up by informal observations of the child by the Learning Mentors. Observations are done both in class and at unstructured times to determine what type of support your child needs. Your child will then have the opportunity to access the Nurture Provision which provides a home from home environment alongside a calm learning space. 

Support for your child can happen in a variety of ways. The Inclusion Team offers 1:1 and group sessions. Play is used to explore your child’s experiences safely and securely. We use a number of age appropriate tools including board games, team games and social stories to help your child develop strategies that will help them feel confident and happy with their learning experience. 

This is an in house service provided at no extra cost. If you have any queries or you do not want your child to attend any of these sessions, please make your class teacher aware.


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