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Emergency updates and information re Corona virus

We hope during this difficult time you are all staying safe and well. We thought we would create an additional page to the website to provide you with all the necessary information and updates you might need. However we are dealing with an ever changing situation, so please bear with us and we will inform you of any changes as soon as we possibly can. 

  • How can I support my child if we are self isolating, or in the event of a school closure?

    School will be providing you with two pieces of supportive material. 

    1. As you know, we have taken the decision to postpone parent teacher consultations. As we are dealing with such uncertain times and unprecedented events, we don't have the capacity to offer individual consultations, either face to face, by telephone or by email. However, your child's parent consultation target sheet will be sent home in book bags on Thursday 19th March. As we have a high volume of child and staff absences, we are unable to email these individually should your child be absent on that day.

    2. Each year group will be providing a bank of home learning activities for you to choose from. These will be made available from Friday 20th March. Please note these activities will not be marked on return to school, but teachers will be happy to hear all about what the children have done. If a closure is prolonged, new activities will be added. 

  • Is there anything else I can access at home?

    Many academy trusts and commercial organisations are providing parents with home learning packs. One good example is the Robin Hood MAT, which can be found here http://robinhoodmat.co.uk/learning-projects/

  • What guidelines are we following at school?

    We are following all Public Health and DfE guidelines. Again this changes daily, so we update our protocol accordingly. Current guidelines can be found below. 



    The DfE also has a helpline available: 
    Phone: 0800 046 8687 or e-mail: DfE.coronavirushelpline@education.gov.uk.

    There are also many links available about different ways to wash their hands, including this one: 


  • What have we closed so far?

    Whilst we are trying our very best to keep school open, we have taken the difficult decision to close Nursery from Thursday 19th March. Please see the text of our letter below: 


    Dear Parents and Carers,

    As many of you will have seen this morning we have had to take the difficult decision to shut the Nursery on Thursday 19th and Friday 20th March in the first instance. We have not taken this decision lightly and value your support at this difficult time for us all.

    We have had to make this decision due to staff redeployment across school as we currently have a significant amount of staff absences.

  • What has been cancelled so far?

    In the interests of safeguarding we have taken the decision to cancel before school booster groups and after school enrichment clubs. As it stands, our Breakfast and After School childcare provision remains open. 

  • What do we do if my child is absent from school?

    As you will understand, we have a high volume of children absent from school. Some are in self isolation or social distancing, some are off with conditions unrelated to the Coronavirus outbreak. To ensure we get the right information, can you please email the reason for absence to office@gledhowschool.org instead of phoning as some parents are having issues actually getting through on our switchboard. 

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