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Gledhow Admissions Arrangements

Gledhow Primary School Pupil Admissions are managed by the Leeds City Council School Admissions team - for further information, please see the link below:


or telephone  0113 222 4414

For further information regarding Gledhow Primary School then please email admissions@gledhowschool.org with your enquiry and we will aim to respond back to you within 7 calendar days.  Alternatively, the information below may answer your enquiry.



Reception Admissions

Admission to Gledhow Reception Classes is managed by Leeds Children's Services. The online application information should be sent by Leeds Council to all parents with children who will be four years old by August 31st preceding the start of the academic year in September.

Parents should name their five preferred schools in order of preference and return the online information to the Leeds Admissions team who will, in due course, create an admissions list for Gledhow Primary and all other Leeds Council Schools.

Admissions are currently preferenced by Special Needs statement, looked after children, siblings and the nearest to school. Approximately 70 per cent of admissions are usually by 'distance from school'.

Parents may request a visit to school with the Head Teacher or leadership team by contacting office@gledhowschool.org or by contacting school on 0113 2930392.

Nursery Admissions

If you have been offered a place at Gledhow Primary, please see the following page for further information:

Gledhow Nursery is a 39 place nursery located within our expansive and impressive school grounds.

Admission to Gledhow Nursery is usually in the term after a child turns three years old. Applications are accepted from birth and can be made by contacting the school office 0113 2930392 or by email nurseryadmissions@gledhowschool.org 

Admission to Gledhow Nursery is preceded by a comprehensive programme of home visits and discussions to ensure that the start to nursery is a truly positive experience for all pupils and their parents.

In-Year Admissions

Many parents choose to apply for a place at Gledhow during the school year. The procedure for this is by following the Leeds City Council School Admission link above and completing the online application process. 

An ICPF (In-Year Common Preference Form) can be downloaded from the Leeds City Council School Admissions website and when completed should be returned directly to School. 

Very few in-year places become available at our school.  Applicants are then compared to available places at the preferenced schools and one of the following actions occur:

  • If a place is available it is offered
  • If the year group is full the child is added to the waiting list until a place becomes available.

A parent may appeal a decision not to offer a place to an independent appeal panel.  Further information is available on the Leeds City Council website.

At any stage of the transfer process, we can arrange a time with you to visit the school and find out about Gledhow, as well as clarifying the admissions process if required.  Please contact the School Office and ask for an appointment.

If we are not able to offer a place at Gledhow,you can ask to go on the waiting list. To do this, please contact the Leeds Admissions Team on 0113 2224414.

Once the Admissions Team has added your name to our waiting list, we will continue to monitor the list and offer places when they become available.  Your position on the list is decided by the Admissions Team.  If you wish to discuss progress with your application or to find out your waiting list position, please contact the School office at the end of the week if possible. 

Please note that at the end of each academic year, Leeds Children's Services remove all names from their waiting lists.  If you wish to remain on the waiting list, you must re-apply each academic year.

For further details please click on the link below:


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