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Our Role

The Governing Body consists of fourteen governors.


Governor seat

Appointment date

End of office date

Ben Allchin




Sarah Parkinson

Head Teacher 01/09/2018 N/A

Sarah Barrass

Joint Chair -Co-opted 01/09/2017 11/07/2024

Karen Holder-Benjamin




Laura Bryne

Staff 22/09/2022 21/09/2026

Hilary Iles

LA governor 06/12/2018 05/12/2022
Surita Sharma-Woodlands Co-opted  22/09/2022


Richard Blount

Co-opted 12/12/2019 11/12/2023
Ahmed Zaman Co-opted 30/04/2020


Rachel Smith Co-opted 30/04/2020


Sian Kennedy

Parent 02/04/2020 01/04/2022

Sam Gibbs

Joint Chair - Parent governor 29/01/2020 28/01/2024

Current structure

The governing body is currently set up as follows:

The full governing body meet 4-6 times a year.  In addition, each committee meets three times a year.  During the year there are also various working parties which take a closer, more in-depth look at specific issues.  The focus of these working parties relates to the governor's development plan, school priorities and local/national issues.  Governors also meet to train together, e.g. understanding the new Ofsted framework, and attend central training courses, e.g. induction training for new governors.  The governing body work in a strategic capacity.  They support and challenge leaders to ensure Gledhow remains on a journey of continuous improvement.  To achieve this aim, communication with all stakeholders is extremely important, as is having a really good understanding of the school.  We work closely with leaders in the school and each governor is linked to various aspect of school life.  

Resources committee Pupil Support committee Teaching and Learning committee

Sarah Barrass (committee chair)

Ben Allchin

Ahmed Zaman

Adrian Fleming

Richard Blount

Sarah Parkinson

Hilary Iles (committee chair)

Rachel Smith

Karen Holden-Benjamin

Sarah Parkinson


Sam Gibbs

Sian Kennedy

Sarah Parkinson


Governors meet with a wide range of staff:

To gather information: meetings help provide an opportunity for two-way dialogue and provide a direct conduit between individual members of staff and the governing body.

To monitor: meetings help governors to understand what the current picture is in the school and what progress is being made towards a particular goal

To support: governors bring a wide range of expertise into the school that can be very helpful to members of staff. Professional dialogue can be very helpful to leaders in reflecting on actions and can support forward thinking. 

To challenge: governors are responsible for the quality of education being provided and will challenge colleagues to ensure the school is the very best it can be. Governors will help leaders to reflect on any barriers to achieving the goals set out. 

The governing body is also responsible for reviewing the performance of the headteacher.  This is via performance management, regular headteacher reports to governors, questions and discussion in governing body meetings, review of various monitoring activities, external reviews by school improvement consultants and advisers, and regular meetings with the Chair of Governors, etc.

If you wish to contact the Chair of Governors, you can email us via ChairofGovernors@Gledhowschool.org or send written correspondence to the school.

Governor Code of Conduct
The governors operate in accordance with the terms of the Governor Code of Conduct (see PDF below).

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