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Global Curriculum - Summerfield Primary

Partnership Projects

Annual Partnership Week

One week each year is dedicated to the partnership, when specifically designed activities replace the traditional curriculum in both schools. These activities are a time for us to extend the children's knowledge of each other and learn about their roles and resposibilities as citizens of the world.  

Year groups are given a topic related to our partnership which might often involve comparing and contrasting with our own lives and experiences. 

Previously, topics have included: traditional fairy tales; animals; weather; local area comparison; a focus on the people; and human rights.

We have also done a great deal of work on Nelson Mandela, including our wonderful Project 27 book which can be found in our school entrance on and around our Partnership Display.  Look out for the Big 5!

These units of work ensure that the partnership fosters an understanding of issues important to both schools as well as having friends across the world.

Careers Fair 2018

During the week, we had an exciting Careers Fair where several of our parents and school community members came in to deliver presentations and question and answer sessions all about their jobs.  We had radiologists, a geologist, a tree surgeon, a composer, an NHS department worker, a social worker, a graphic designer, a documentary maker, a forager, a dentist and even a BBC weather presenter! The children and staff absolutely loved it and the presentations were fabulous!

Our 'Simunye Siyakule' Partnership

The Partnership ''We are one, We are growing' was established in 2003.

The work between Gledhow and Summerfield Primaries has been growing ever since with the support of DFID, British Council and most significantly Mrs Karen Murgatroyd at the Leeds International Development Department.

On this page you will find out about the schools' annual partnership week, reciprocal visits between the schools, partnership projects, the Gledhow Choir of African Song and events such as our visit to the South African High Commission in Trafalgar Square.

Partnership Week 2018

In 2018, Partnership Week was focused on raising the aspirations of the children at both schools.  The children spent the week thinking about their own and others' futures.

Gledhow Choir of African Song

The choir, led brilliantly by Miss Black, has been performing almost since the beginning of the project. It has sung at Official Partnership Celebration Events, schools as far away as Gateshead, numerous Leeds Council events including the city's official memorial service for Nelson Mandela at Leeds Cathedral, alongside the 'Mighty Zulu Dance Nation' from Durban and on many, many more occasions!

The choir sings a selection of traditional South African songs - usually in dialect and often with dance.

Miss Black is hoping to start the choir as part of an after school club at some point later this year.  Watch this space...

South African High Commission

Sixteen children from our Choir of African Song were invited to attend a High Commission event, analysing the impact of educational provision in South Africa over the past twenty years and ways to extend its partnership with the United KIngdom. Much discussion ensued about the youth, music and sport which have been successful drivers of the excellent partnerships already made. The choir performed for the High Commissioner and invited guests - a wonderful experience on South African soil (in Trafalgar Square)

Project 27

Project 27 is a collaborative piece of work between the children and staff of Summerfield and Gledhow to create a published biography of the life and times of Nelson Mandela.

Each year group examined aspects of Mandela's legacy in different ways. The work of both schools was then collated and formed part of the exchange visit between the schools in May 2015.

Banners of the Project 27 work were made in Durban and presented to our staff. They were hung with pride in our grounds where they could be viewed every day.

On this page you can scan through some of the entries that were made by Gledhow children.

Project 27 - Year 6 (Bravery)

We read the quote from Nelson Mandela about what bravery means. We discussed what bravery means to both us and the great man himself. We began by reading the book ‘A Long Walk to Freedom’ and we discussed the different points in the story where Nelson Mandela would have shown bravery.

Firstly we discussed his early life and the courage he would have needed to have shown when leaving home at the age of 9, following the death of his father. Left in a strange environment, he showed great courage to succeed.

Next, we thought about his time at university. We understood how passionate his beliefs were. He felt so strongly about his campaign to improve the quality of the food that he was willing to give up his place at the university. Not many of us would have such faith in our convictions when faced with a difficult situation like that. It takes great courage to put the needs of other people over your own self interest.

Furthermore we discussed how brave Nelson Mandela was when he first moved to Johannesburg. He would have been used to living in a more luxurious environment in his uncle’s home, but then he soon found himself living in an informal settlement with no electricity or running water. Did he let this hold him back? Of course not! His bravery continued to shine through.

We also discussed Nelson Mandela’s time campaigning in the ANC. We thought about the difficult decision he must have faced when it became clear that peaceful protest wasn’t working. It must have taken real courage and bravery to stand up to the government in the way that he did.

In addition, we then discussed the time in his life when we felt he had been bravest of all—his 27 years in prison and the inspiration for our Project 27. We discussed the incredible strength of character it must have required to be able to carry on in the face of such adversity. Many of us would have backed down or given up when faced with such injustice, therefore we were all so inspired by Nelson Mandela’s faith and belief.

Project 27 - Year 3 (Poetry)

Year 3 Poetry

These poems reflect the sentiment of the children after we had learnt about Nelson Mandela during our Partnership week. We compared his life to ours and we realised just how lucky we are to have freedom. 

Project 27 - 1LA (Singing)

1SS – Project 27: ‘Living and Learning’

In 1SS, we started by looking at some of Nelson Mandela’s most famous quotes. We were particularly interested in the following:

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

During Gledhow’s Partnership Week, we based a lot of our work on this idea, and decided that our Project 27 contribution should embrace it, too.

We chose to perform a song called ‘Living and Learning’. We felt it reflected the important ideas of working hard every day, and helping each other in all areas of life.

"I liked learning the song. My favourite part of the song is singing about getting on together.” Tahsin Abdulghan, 1SS.

“I liked learning the song with my friends.” Jessica Fox, 1SS.

“I like the chorus part because it’s cheerful.” Amenah Aamer, 1SS.

We hope you enjoy it!


Project 27 - 1LA


Reciprocal Visits

Staff (and more recently pupils) visit each others' schools. This has helped staff form the bonds that are required to keep a project such as this 'alive' and been amazing for the children to experience school life in another continent and actually meet children living there.


Project 27 - The Challenge

Interested? Well,
Project 27 is a creative publishing
initiative by Summereld
Primary School in Durban and Gledhow
Primary School in Leeds, and if you
haven’t figured out what the subject is, then
just think about tally marks - 27 of them.
We’re looking for a total of 27 collaborators to
cover the following categories: art (videos,
photographs, sketches, cartoons, line drawings
and graphics), poetry and essays.
Essays should not exceed 2500 words.
Only teachers, teaching assistants
and pupils from Gledhow and
Summmereld, are eligible
to participate.

vinoo nydoo - summerfield primary

Project 27 - Year 4 (Key Words and Photography)

Project 27 – Year 4

During our week working on Project 27, we looked at the life of Nelson Mandela.  We spent lots of time reading and discussing the important stages in his life. The children worked together in groups and came up with single words that described Nelson Mandela. They then had to make a freeze frame depicting those words. Here are some of the quotes from our children about the work that they did:

Ben: “It was really fun finding out about what happened to Nelson Mandela and discovering things I never knew.”

Amara: “I don’t think it’s ever fair for people to treat black people differently to anyone else.”

Chloe: “I really enjoyed making the pictures about Nelson Mandela. I learnt a lot about him and am glad that he got his freedom.”

Akaliya: “I enjoyed making the pictures and am glad that Nelson Mandela got his freedom.”

Holly: “I learnt a lot and it made me think about what black people were going through at the time.”

Maggie: “I really liked doing the pictures about Nelson Mandela and I liked looking at everyone’s pictures they took.”

Yasir: “I liked all the pictures that we did because it showed me how the black people felt at the time.”

Ned: “I really liked doing our pictures of the peaceful marches because it showed how people of young ages fought without violence.”

Project 27 - Year 2 (Art)

Year 2 – Art

Just before starting Project 27, Year 2 looked at the work of Impressionist artists like Claude Monet. They then painted their own Impressionist-inspired seascapes. When we read Nelson Mandela’s ‘A Long Walk to Freedom’ we were struck by the beautiful landscapes of Mandela’s childhood. We decided to paint these scenes of South Africa in an Impressionist style and we used charcoal to add figures.

Project 27 - Reception (Mandela Images)

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