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Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education (PSHCE)

Our PSHCE studies are devised to assist our children in exploring the complex range of issues involved in this subject. The units of work are wide ranging and often involve much discussion of children's opinions alongside guidance and support from teaching staff.

We have separated our study into three strands covering Ourselves and OthersHealthy Living and Good Citizens. These are all studied each year with the children being challenged at an ever more mature level as they are introduced to age appropriate units of work. Click to see our PSHCE Framework of Teaching Units.

Ourselves and Others

This strand of PSHCE explores human feelings and relationships. The units of work are designed to help children understand themselves better and looks at how to help yourself and others feel good and understand situations that can be confusing or upsetting.

The programme of study also includes a unit on relationships education relating to puberty. Parents receive information on this unit prior to its delivery.

Healthy Living

Children are taught to develop their understanding of personal safety and good health. Our children study a wide range of issues including age appropriate information on what is or isn't good to put in our bodies. They also look at diet and exercise.

Additionally, there is a specific unit about drugs education involving the right to make good choices and not to be negatively influenced by others.

Good Citizens

The final strand of our teaching is very important to us and looks at our responsibilities as a member of society. These studies range from taking responsibility for your actions to being a good citizen of the country. We believe that it is the school's responsibility to work with families to ensure that our children are able to balance what they want against what it is fair for them to have.

The units studied help each child to balance rights and responsibilities and to understand the basic principles of democracy.

PSHCE Teaching Framework - Units of Work

Ourselves and Others

Healthy Living

Good Citizens

Year 1

New Beginnings

Healthy Living

Right and Wrong

Year 2

Making Friends

Keeping Safe

Taking Responsibility

Year 3

Going for Goals

Feeling Healthy

Rules and Regulations

Year 4

Good to be Me

Eating Chocolate

Rights with Responsibilities

Year 5

Say NO to Bullying

Changing and Growing

People are Equal

Year 6

It's Up to Me

Finding out about Drugs Serving the Community
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