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Physical Education

Real PE- We are a Real Legacy school!

In September 2019 we invested in the Real PE scheme and became a Real Legacy school. This means that we have the tools to teach Real PE, Real Gym, Real Play and Real Leaders and deliver a high quality PE curriculum to every child that develops the whole child.

Over the year all children work on 6 cogs that aim to develop different aspects of a child's physical ability including specific skills, game play, teamwork, sportsman ship and a love of being active. Real PE is taught from EYFS and begins with developing each child's fundamental movement skills of agility, balance and coordination through the skills being taught and then applied in a fun way through songs and games. Each child's fundamental movement skills are then built upon each year and made progressively harder. In KS2 there is more of a focus on applying the skills that have been advanced into game play situations or personal best challenges. 

Create Development (the founders of Real PE) share our ambition and have a vision to create positive relationships with physical activity for life. Their vision is to redefine what’s possible for PE, Sport and physical activity through a new, positive and inclusive culture. Real PE is a PE curriculum philosophy and approach which helps ALL children develop the physical literacy, emotional and thinking skills to achieve in PE, sport and life. It places the learner at the heart of practice with the ultimate goal of transforming how we teach PE. 


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Cross Curricular

Although PE is a curricular subject in its own right and is a part of our programme of study, we also encourage physical activity in many areas of school life. In EYFS physical skills are practised and developed as part of outdoor learning through obstacle courses, climbing trees and moving and carrying. In KS1 physial activity in promoted in subjects such as Geography where the outdoors are explored regularly in order to develop an awareness of physical and human features.  We encourage and develop sports leaders from KS2 to help facilitate team games and activities during playtimes and lunchtimes. Many KS2 classes take part in the daily mile where we use our extensive grounds to allow children, in a manner in which they choose, to complete a mile circuit on a regular basis during the week. 

We foster and encourage links with other local schools, teams and organisations to develop opportunities for our pupils to engage in competitive sport. We run a comprehensive Enrichment provision with over 120 pupils benefitting from additional coaching, including support from the Leeds Rhinos Foundation.

PE Statement of Intent

Team Games

Team games teaching provides children with sports skills such as aiming, shooting and passing, but also enables them to develop their understanding of strategy and team work. Our carefully planned programme ensures that games skills are revisited throughout the year and across school.

Through this study, our children are able to develop general team game skills but also to specialise and join our lunchtime football leagues, Enrichment Clubs and represent the school in one of our many competitive teams.

Individual Pursuits

Children are also taught sports skills for games and activities that are not always played as a team. There is of course overlap; although running and swimming involve the development of precise techniques and are solo events, the school enters competitions so that swimmers and athletes can also represent the school as part of our teams.

We are consistently one of the top ten schools in Leeds across all sports and excel in many. For example, our swimming teams are undefeated in nine years and have produced many swimmers who have competed for Leeds, and in Regional and National competition.

Performing Arts

The final strand of our teaching develops the children's gymnastic and dance skills. Benefitting from specialist dance teaching, our children are taught to a high standard and develop their skills very well in this overlap subject between sport and the arts.

The units studied in dance provide a platform for children to challenge themselves and perform individually, and as a team, to a high level.

Physical Education- units of work that are taught alongside Real PE

            Autumn 1            Autumn 2      Spring 1           

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2

Year 1    

Games Skills and Gymnastics Games Skills and Dance

Games Skills and Gymnastics 

Football and Dance

Net and Wall and Athletics

Games Skills and Atheltics

Year 2

Gymnastics and Game Skills Gymnastics and Game Skills Games Skills and Dance

Uni Hockey and Gymnastics

T-Ball and Athletics

Cricket and Atheletics

Year 3

Tennis and Dance Rugby and Gymnastics Dance and Hockey

Benchball and Netball

Cricket and Athletics

T-Ball and Athletics 

Year 4

Dance and Cricket Gymnastics and Football Handball


Athletics and Rugby

Athletics and Rounders

Year 5

Football Football Gymnastics and Rugby

Basketball and Dance



Year 6

Netball and Dance Football and Gymnastics Basketball and Fitness

Hockey and Circuit Training

Cricket and Athletics

Rounders and Sports Day

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