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Our History curriculum helps pupils make sense of Britain's past and that of a wider world. It inspires their curiosity about the past and encourages them to ask questions and think critically.


Everyday Experiences

By considering in depth the role of the 'ordinary' man and woman throughout history, our children learn to understand that there is sometimes another side to 'a wonderful victory' or 'a fantastic advancement'!

Children are taught to question the headline history in the context of real people's everyday experiences. Wherever possible this is through visits and visitors who help to bring history to life.

Past into Present

Finally, each year we investigate how the unit  of work we are studying in the past impacts upon the lives that we now live today. The children learn to appreciate that history is a timeline of events that impact upon how the world will be in the future.

Similarily, it is necessary to look at past events in detail to ascertain why they have or have not had a lasting impact and whether those responsible were passively or actively involved in making changes to how life is now and will be in the future.

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