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Our geography studies aim to help everyone gain a greater understanding and knowledge about our world and the complex interactions between people, animals and the natural world. We also challenge children with a particular love of geography to push themselves to the highest level.

We have separated our studies into three strands covering Physical Features, Human Effects and Big Issues. These are all studied each year, with the children being challenged at an ever increasing level as they are introduced to age appropriately higher level geographical units. Click to see our Geography Framework of Teaching Units.

Human Effects

This strand of Geography teaches about human geography and is based around the children's understanding of the square kilometre of land around our school. This is then compared with Haworth and Malham, a village overseas and finally Leeds City centre.

Through this study, the understanding of the impact that people have on their landscape and how they utilise it's physical geography develops in a logical and progressive manner, stimulating high level geographical understanding through class and field based activity.

Physical Features

Children are taught to develop their understanding of physical geography through this strand of learning. As well as learning about the 'natural' world, they are able to study it's beauty at first hand and develop a sense of 'awe and wonder' at how the different natural systems work together to shape the world in which we live. Field trips and residential visits form an important part of our work in this area as the children get to experience and challenge their understanding of the physical world.

Big Issues

The final strand of our teaching investigates the impact that human activity has upon the natural world, how people can have a hugely detrimental impact upon the world and the challenges faced by future generations.

The units studied provide a platform for children to research information and form their own opinions about the way forward and what they would like to see happen in the future.

Geography Teaching Framework - Units of Work

Big Issues

Physical Features

Human Effects

Year 1

The Food we Eat

Seas and Oceans

The Local Area

Year 2

Animals at Risk


A Locality in India

Year 3

A Traffic Problem


A Locality in the Caribbean

Year 4

A Waste Problem

Hills and Mountains

Malham: A Small Village

Year 5

Problems with Open Spaces

Woods and Forests

Haworth - A Large Village

Year 6

Problems with the City Centre

Weather and Climate

Whitby - A Seaside Town

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