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Our French studies aim to help everyone gain a greater understanding of the French language and culture by developing basic vocabulary and grammar in the context of common situations and events.

We have separated our French studies into three strands covering Speaking and Listening, Reading and Writing and French Life and Culture. These are all studied each year with the children being challenged at an ever increasing level as they are introduced to age appropriate high level geographical units. Click to see our Languages Framework of Teaching Units.


Speaking and Listening

Fundamental to all language teaching, this first strand is clearly key to children's understanding and development of French. It therefore is central to all the units of work studied throughout the year.

Through developing their oral vocabulary and spoken language, children begin to internalise the structure of conversational French and become more confident in how to use their learning in practical situations.

Reading and Writing

This strand of language learning follows logically from speaking and being able to interpret French words and phrases. The children, as in English, learn to read and spell basic vocabulary before using this to construct simple sentences.

As these skills are developmental, there is more emphasis on reading and writing for those children who have developed a more completed understanding of basic vocabulary and grammar. However, the strand is studied throughout all units of work.

French Life and Culture

The final strand of our teaching investigates how French life varies from our own. Studies look at themes that help our children build their understanding of how children grow up in France and the lifestyles that they are able to lead.

It is these units that provide the best context for the  children's language learning.

Languages' Teaching Framework - Units of Work

'Speaking and Listening' and 'Reading and Writing'

French Life and Culture

Year 1

Topic Related Vocabulary; Songs and Games with 'Camambear'


Year 2

Topic Related Vocabulary; Songs and Games with 'Camambear'


Year 3

Greetings; Numbers; Colours; Food; 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'; Months of the Year


Year 4

Parts of the Body; Zoo Animals; Pets; Transport

Family; Leisure Pursuits

Year 5

The High Street; Giving and Asking for Directions; Keeping Fit; Weather

Traditional French Food; The Culture of France

Year 6

The Classroom; Occupations; House and Home; Making a Presentation

Holidays; Language Skills

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