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At Gledhow we offer children a high quality art curriculum which is accessible to all, maximising the development of every child’s ability. The enjoyment of art is promoted, progressively building on children’s previous work, achievements, and skills. We value the importance of arts provision that nurtures every child, and believe it should enable each individual to use their imagination and inspire creativity, take risks and extend their cultural understanding. Through planning enjoyable, memorable learning experiences, we aim to develop all individual’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural understanding of the world in which they live and enabling them to see the world more clearly.

Competitions 2020

Here are some competitions which you may want to have a go at entering this year:


An art and photography competition with a focus on the environment. Prizes are awarded for each season.




Create a piece inspired by nature closing date Friday 28th August 2020


 We look forward to seeing your entries!

Our amazing artwork this year

Year 2

year 2 1(2)year 2(1)

Year 3

year 3 one

Year 6

year 6 2year 6

Gledhow Art Gallery 2018-2019

2D Art

This provides learning opportunities with 2D media and teaches techniques that can be used to explore colour, line, and pattern using a selection of materials. This is compared with the life and work of a selection of artists.

Through this study our children learn how to select the materials, techniques and media they think best enable them to create the 2D image that they envisaged. They gain a better understanding of the processes that artists used and how to 'magpie' them as their own.

The 3D Effect

Children are taught about artists who have used shape and form in their work and given the chance to explore sculpture and 3D media.

These units of work allow the children to develop their ability to represent their ideas in either real or abstract form using a range of techniques and materials.

Digital Media

Children also investigate the impact that new technolgies have had upon art and allows the opportunity to create and manipulate images using computer software, cameras and video recording.


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