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Our Art and Design curriculum provides units of work designed to enhance our children's understanding of Artists and their major pieces of work. The studies enhance their understanding and knowledge of the elements of art and enable them to develop a greater ability to express themselves through a wide variety of media. We also challenge those with a love of art to push themselves to the highest level.

We have separated our study into three strands covering Two Dimensional Art, The Three Dimensional Effect and Digital Media. These are all studied each year with the children being challenged at an ever increasing level as they are introduced to age appropriate high level art units. Click to see our Art Framework of Teaching Units.

2D Art

This strand of Art provides learning opportunities with 2D media and teaches techniques that can be used to explore colour, line, and pattern using a selection of materials. This is compared with the life and work of a selection of artists.

Through this study our children learn how to select the materials, techniques and media they think best enable them to create the 2D image that they envisaged. They gain a better understanding of the processes that artists used and how to 'magpie' them as their own.

The 3D Effect

Children are taught about artists who have used shape and form in their work and given the chance to explore sculpture and 3D media.

These units of work allow the children to develop their ability to represent their ideas in either real or abstract form using a range of techniques and materials.

Digital Media

The final strand of our teaching investigates the impact that new technolgies have had upon art and allows the opportunity to create and manipulate images using computer software, cameras and video recording.

These units provide a platform for children to explore the new boundaries of art and also combine these with more traditional methods.

Our Curriculum 2018-19

Mr Wood's Art Club!

When?    Wednesday and Friday lunchtime.

Where?  Miss Bashir's room.

What's it all about?  Focussing on drawing at the moment, but we will be doing more ambitious 'project work' when the groups get established...still life, portraits, abstract art,  organic forms...when the weather improves we may go outside and tackle a few landscapes! 

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