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Promoting British Values Across the Curriculum

There is currently a significant amount of debate about how the values of our society are fundamental to a growing and vibrant country and economy. At Gledhow we have considered this in detail and how what we teach and how it is taught can best be planned to ensure our children develop into excellent citizens of our country.

Therefore, we have identified twelve key objectives and developed them across the school, linking into a range of subject areas where possible for the greatest effect.

Below is a summary of these curricular opportunities:

Objective Year Subject Unit of Work Learning Outcome
1. To identify with different people and their cultures Y2 Geography A Locality in India We can say what part the market, temple and community hall play in the life of Chembokali
2. To respect the opinions and beliefs of others Y6 RE Judaism We can identify artefacts worn by Jews during worship and explain why these are important
3. To uphold the rule of law Y3 Citizenship Rules and Regulations We can name groups of people who make rules and have some idea how rules are enforced
4. To appreciate the importance of equality before the law Y4 Citizenship The Rights of the Child We can conduct a discussion about the rights we feel each child should have
5. To cherish the individual liberty afforded to citizens of these islands Y5 Citizenship People are Equal We can recognise the restrictions imposed by political systems such as apartheid
6. To support the principle of freedom of expression Y4 PSCE Good to be Me We can contribute to discussion and express an opinion clearly and effectively
7. To have some understanding of how a democratic political system works Y6 History At the Time of Pericles We can compare the nature of Athenian democracy with a modern democratic system
8. To understand and exercise the notion of fair play Y2 PE Team Games We can understand that to break the rules should be an accidental and not deliberate act
9. To be commited to personal and social responsibilities Y2 PSCE Taking Responsibility We can appreciate that actions have consequences
10. To developo a sense of community and togetherness Y6 Citizenship Serving the Community We can address a range of community issues and contribute to solving them
11. To be aware of significant personalities, events and turning points in our history Y3 History Elizabeth and the Spanish Armada We can explain why the Spanish Armada was defeated
12. To be conversant with examples of British creativity and/or culture Y5 Science Forces We can describe how scientists like Isaac Newton developed the theory of gravity


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