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The Gledhow Curriculum

The downloadable document below 'Curriculum Foundations' outlines how our curriculum is based upon the right for children to study all curriculum areas in detail during their Primary Schooling. We believe fundamentally that all subjects should be well taught and approached in a clear cyclical manner to ensure that skills and knowledge are taught and built upon annually rather than just being a succession of good activities with no development apparent.

Our approach ensures that each unit of work has a planned focus and sits clearly within our frameworks for curriculum development. We choose to break our approach to curriculum design into Key Curriculum Elements; Attributes and Competencies; An Introduction to Subjects and An Introduction to Planning. These are expanded in 'Curriculum Foundations' whilst the linked paragraphs below outline these key elements of the document and summarise the content.

Key Curriculum Elements

This first chapter of 'Curriculum Foundations' outlines our Curriculum Rationale, how we teach the Curriculum and Special Provisions we are able to make for additional needs.

We also expand on how we recognise achievement and our Assessment, Recording and Reporting arrangements.

In essence we have a core to our curriculum that is complex in nature but well thought out and aimed at challenging all children to achieve beyond their best. In 'Curriculum Foundations', we explain in more detail our Curriculum Aims and Purposes and the Underlying Values, Attitudes and Qualities that we are aiming to foster.

Attributes and Competencies

Chapter two considers:

-How we develop children's skills, extend questioning techniques and improve conceptual understanding. We identify Processing, Communicating, Reasoning and Reflecting skills which have a role to play in the teaching and learning of subjects taught at the school.

-The ability to understand and make use of terminology associated with, but not necessarily exclusive to, specific subjects.

-The use of effective questioning and the different types of questions that children should be exposed to and encouraged to use.

An Introduction to Subjects

Chapter three looks at the way that our curriculum policies, of which there are more than twenty, are designed to explain our current provision in specific subjects and across the curriculum.

We also explain our subjective perspectives or 'strands' that are our ways of looking at different areas of learning within the curriculum. They determine the structure and focus of each unit and are the building blocks of the Gledhow Curriculum which is designed carefully to build in detail and depth across units and from year to year.

Finally, we outline time allocations for year groups and subjects across the school,

An Introduction to Planning

Our final part of the document considers planning and how the Practice, Phases and Process of planning at Gledhow are the bedrock of ensuring that our curriculum is delivered to a high standard.

It is by planning our curriculum with consideration for all the elements identified in the other chapters that the unique nature of our child centered Gledhow Ethos has been developed.

We hope you enjoy reading the way that we consider our curriculum foundations and are able to gain an insight into the way that we teach the curriculum at our school.

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