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Year 5

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Dear Year 5,

Gosh, we're missing you! 

We hope that you're all well and keeping safe at home.  Whilst you will find more structured weekly plans on the Home Learning During Closure page, please keep your eyes open on this page for any additional activities that you might find useful while you're learning at home.

At the bottom of this page, you will find some useful activities to support the subjects we would have been covering now, had we been in school.

In addition to activities we put on here and the wonderful things that we know you will all be doing, we would like to draw your attention to some of the websites and resources available on the internet to support your home learning.

For example, in line with our school maths scheme, White Rose Maths (in partnership with the BBC Bitesize Daily Team) have developed a 12-week learning programme for the Summer Term.  It has been designed to help children get ready for their next year of school. These can be found at: https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/

Classroom Secrets have also worked with BBC Bitesize to create a range of activities, as well as a Home Learning Timetable that you may find useful.  These resources can be found at: https://classroomsecrets.co.uk/

We will continue to add to this list, as and when we find great things for you to try!

We look forward to communicating with you regularly with our new Class Dojo link . Parents and Carers - if you haven't joined yet, please look out for an email invitation!

Also, why not go to the new, developing Gledhow Youtube Channel or our Twitter account #GledhowPrimarySchool where you can keep your eyes open for any videos that interest you! 

Congratulations to Indigo on your Battle of the Bands win!! Come on Mulberry - there's always next time! 

For now, take care of yourselves, stay safe and we will see you all again as soon as we can!

All the best, 

Miss Fitzmaurice and Miss Black

Read all about the new Children's Adventure Trails at Roundhay Park that Year 5 helped to create, below...


Indigo Class - Miss Black

Mrs Kitching

Mrs Mudhar

Mulberry Class - Miss Fitzmaurice

Mrs Carroll

Welcome to the Year Five page! We are really enjoying getting to know your child and working with you to support your child's education. With home and school working together, we can ensure that each and every child has a very successful year. 

Reminder of child collection: If your child is going to be picked up by anyone other than the regular carer you need to inform the class teacher or the office before the end of school. If the class teacher is unaware of any arrangements they will need to phone you to confirm this is agreed. Please make sure the class teacher knows who will be picking up your child to save any problems at the end of the day.  If you wish to allow your child to walk to and from school on their own, please let the office know so that it can go on the school records.

Classroom Routines 

  • Year 5's PE day is Thursday. Children are encouraged to come into school wearing their kit. 
  • Indigo will swim on Mondays in the Autumn term. Mulberry will swim in the Spring term.
  • Children should bring their own water bottle each day, and take home each evening.
  • Children go to the hall for their dinner at 12.40 pm each day. 
  • Each week two children from each class will be celebrated by receiving a Super Star Award. These are for outstanding contributions throughout the week.
  • Fantastic writing will be rewarded with a Star Writer Certificate.
  • Children receive dojos for exemplary behaviour and attitudes. These collate to both individual and class rewards. 


Autumn 1 Autumn 2

Spring 1                         

Spring 2               Summer 1               

Summer 2                             

Science Living things and their habitats Animals, including humans Earth and space Changes of materials  Properties of materials Forces
History Anglo Saxons   Vikings   The Ancient Islamic Civilisation of Baghdad



Geography      Earthquakes   Water  

The Moors



Autumn 1                                                     Autumn 2

Spring 1     

Spring 2      Summer 1                                                                  

Summer 2        



Anglo-Saxon Boy


          Holes                                                        Running Wild                                    


Clockwork The Girl of Ink and Stars
Maths Number and place value Addition and subtraction Multiplication and division Fractions Fractions


Measurement and shape





Gledhow pupils' contribution to exciting new Children's Adventure Trails for all in Roundhay Park!

Last term, our Year 5 children attended a fun and exciting clues workshop, delivered by Yorkshire Trails and the Friends of Roundhay Park, where they were able to explore and design a range of clues to be used as part of a set of newly developed Children's Adventure Trails throughout the park.   More recently, some of our children were invited to take part in the Opening Ceremony at Tropical World, and the trails are now open to the general public.

It has been a real privilege to be part of this new Roundhay Park Trail design.  Our children really enjoyed the challenge in the knowledge that some of  our clues will be used by visitors to the park.

Our children said:

Neath: " I am looking forward to trying out the new trail."

Hayat: "I enjoyed working out the clues at our workshop in school.  I sometimes make up games with clues at home which me and my brother then solve."

Jamie: "Clues challenge your brain and they're really good fun.  We enjoyed making up our own clues at the school workshop."

Vrindha: "I enjoyed making up the clues for the workshop and I hope the children who use the trail enjoy the challenge."

Nevaeh: "Clues are fun to make up.  I really like figuring out the answers and I think the trail will be really good fun."

Adam: "I enjoyed the clues workshop and I will definitely be using the trail with my sister."

During their visit, the children had a go at the trail located in the grounds of Tropical World and we can't wait to go up there as a year group in the Summer to test them all out! We hope you get the chance to visit them too! Let's hope they're there for years to come!

We were even in the Yorkshire Evening Post!!

YEP article

More information about the trails and photos from the children's visit can be found at www.forp.org/ and on their Facebook Page: Little Friends of Roundhay Park (FORP).

Maths Home learning activities 

Battle of the Bands!

Check out the upcoming battles of the bands you can take part in whilst you are home learning! 

The winner of each battle will be announced here on your class page each Friday!

Congratulations to this week's winners of the battle ...


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