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Welcome to Year 3

Emerald enrichment.

Emerald- Miss Chainey


Olive - Miss Rhodes-Burke


Malachite- Miss Cavaliere

2020 July(2)

Class Routines

Children may now wear their PE kit on the day they have their PE lesson.  This will help ensure they benefit from two hours of physical education each week.

Emerald – Wednesday (indoor),  Friday (outdoor).

Olive- Wednesday (indoor), Friday(outdoor). 

Malachite- Wednesday (indoor), Friday (outdoor).

Please can PE kits always be in school during the week, to accommodate timetable changes.

Children go to the hall for their dinner from  12:10pm each day on a rota basis. Children in clubs may be given permission for an early lunch.

Milk is taken after playtime by those registered with 'CoolMilk' .

They should bring their own water bottle each day, and take home each evening.

Each week two children from each class will be selected to receive an award in our "Celebration Assembly". These are awarded outstanding contributions throughout the week. 

Curriculum Enrichment

Each term we try to help 'bring the curriculum to life' with an extra activity whether it be a trip, visit or visitor. We appreciate that these additional items often have a cost but they are an essential part of our successful school.

Planned items for Year 3 are on the whole school calendar and on the 'Information for Parents' presentation.




Collection of children

If your child is going to be picked up by anyone other than the regular carer you need to inform the class teacher via the planner or the office before the end of school. If the class teacher is unaware of any arrangements they will need to phone you to confirm this is agreed. Please make sure the class teacher knows who will be picking up your child to save any problems at the end of the day.

See below for the year 3 Autumn and Spring KIRFS (Maths Key Instant Recall Facts).

Year 3 Curriculum Units of Work, 2020-21

Year Three Curriculum Overview 2020-21: The Key Subject Themes Include:

  Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2
English Spoken Language and Vocabulary

Spelling and Handwriting

Vocabulary, Grammar and Punctuation Comprehension Vocabulary, Grammar and Punctuation Composition
Mathematics Place Value, Addition and Subtraction Multiplication and Division Measurement: Money, Statistics Measurement: Length and Perimeter, Number: Fractions Number: Fractions, Measurement: Time Geometry: Properties of shape, Meausurement: Mass and Capacity
Science Plants Light Animals including humans Rocks and Soils The World Around Us Forces and Magnets


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