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Welcome to Reception!

Our EYFS curriculum is structured in a way that nurtures each child’s personal learning journey. We have 6 key questions throughout the school year that are designed to stimulate curiosity and the love of learning. Starting small we develop our sense of self, get to know the local environment and community, before moving on to the wider world and how we look after it. We give our children real life experiences linked to our topics, as well as opportunities to develop and consolidate their learning in different ways.  

Our curriculum has been designed specifically for our children’s needs, it is ambitious and meaningful and builds on children’s previous knowledge and experiences. It links to our whole school key drivers; growth, diversity and possibility.  

Our Key Adults

In Reception we have 3 classes! Our 3 classes are Ruby, Crimson and Scarlet. All classes throughout school are named after colours in the rainbow and Reception's colour is red!

 Ruby Class Teacher: Mrs McWilliam 

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Ratour (Monday and Tuesday) and Miss Cairns (Wednesday-Friday)

Crimson Class Teacher: Mrs Coulson

Teaching Assistants: Miss Hussain and Mrs Hollins

Scarlet Class Teacher: Miss Sharpe

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Wraith  

Summer 1- Who Lives and Lived on Planet Earth?

In Summer 1 we will be learning about the dinosaurs that lived on planet Earth, as well as the minibeasts and animals that still live on Earth! 

We are going to be learning the names of different dinosaurs, for example Stegasaurus, triceratops and diplodocus and learning what the word 'extinct' means! We will then move on to look for minibeasts in our school grounds and find out what they're called.

Our real life experience will be watching caterpillars grow, form cocoons and then transform into butterflies before releasing them! To celebrate the Queen's Jubilee, we will also be walking to the local shop to buy ingredients to bake biscuits for our school picnic! 

In Phonics we are focusing on Phase 4 tricky words. In Phase 4 there are no new sounds as we will be consolidating our learning of Phase 3 sounds. However, phase 4 does allow us to focus on spelling words with consonant clusters, for example 'slip' and 'trap', as well as polysyllabic words. 

Summer 2- Where can we go?

In Summer 2 we will be learning about different ways of travelling and the journeys that we go on.

We will be learning about different vehicles, for example, trains, buses, planes, cars, bikes and many more! As well as thinking about journeys that we undertake, for example, getting to school, going to the park or going on holiday. This will then link to us preparing for our transisition to Year 1 and talking about our journey through school so far. 

Our real life experience will be going to a bus stop and waiting for the bus to arrive, we may even be lucky enough to get on the bus and ride along a couple of stops! 

In Phonics we are working on consolidating our knowledge of phase 3 sounds and the new skills that we have learnt in phase 4. We will be focusing on reocognising tricky words and writing sentences. 

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