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Welcome to Reception!

Our EYFS curriculum is structured in a way that nurtures each child’s personal learning journey. We have 6 key questions throughout the school year that are designed to stimulate curiosity and the love of learning. Starting small we develop our sense of self, get to know the local environment and community, before moving on to the wider world and how we look after it. We give our children real life experiences linked to our topics, as well as opportunities to develop and consolidate their learning in different ways.  

Our curriculum has been designed specifically for our children’s needs, it is ambitious and meaningful and builds on children’s previous knowledge and experiences. It links to our school vision of 'be adventurous'!  

Our Key Adults

In Reception we have 3 classes! Our 3 classes are Ruby, Crimson and Scarlet. All classes throughout school are named after colours in the rainbow and Reception's colour is red!

 Ruby Class Teacher: Mrs McWilliam 

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Hollins (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday), Mrs Ratour (Thursday), Mrs Husik. 

Crimson Class Teacher: Mrs Coulson

Teaching Assistants: Miss Hussain

Scarlet Class Teacher: Miss Slinn

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Ratour (Monday and Tuesday) and Miss Cairns (Wednesday-Friday)

Autumn 1- What Makes Me Special?

We started by getting to know each other, making new friends and exploring the different areas of our classroom!

We read stories linked to us, our families, our feelings and our interests. For example, The Great Big Book of Families, The Colour Monster and Elmer. 

We took part in a Yoga workshop linked to the emotions and feelings that we have been learning about! 

Autumn 1- Who Lives in the Woods?

This half term we will be exploring our school grounds, which includes our woodland area! We will be learning about different animals that live in the woods, for example owls, foxes, hedgehogs, mice, as well as focusing on nocturnal animals! 

We will be reading some stories that will be familiar to lots of us, for example The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson, but also focusing on Non-Fiction books about Owls and Nocturnal animals.

We will take part in a Forest Schools experience linked to The Gruffalo and have Yorkshire Owls visit us with real owls! 


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