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Class Routines

Children access outdoor provision so must have appropriate outdoor footwear and a waterproof all in one suit available.

Children need their PE Kit in school for their weekly lessons. In RRE and RAC our PE day is Wednesday. In RKJ our PE day is Friday. Please ensure that your child has their PE kits on the appropriate day and that all their clothes have their names in, because  as you can imagine when all the children are getting changed it is hard to keep track of what belongs to who! You can help your child with PE by encouraging your child to dress and undress themselves.

Milk is taken during the morning session by those registered with 'CoolMilk' and free fruit/vegetables are available for all to eat  also. They should bring their own water bottle each day, and take home each evening.

Children go to the hall for their dinner at 11-35am each day. Meals are free for all.

Each week one child from each class will be selected for 'always doing the right thing' and will go to ALWAYS CLUB for an hour on Friday afternoon. Each week two children from each class will be selected to receive an award in our "Celebration Assembly". These are awarded outstanding contributions throughout the week.

Curriculum Enrichment

We try to help 'bring the curriculum to life' by following children's interests as much as possible. We also have an end of year trip each year in July, details of which will be given nearer the time. 


Reception children should be encouraged and supported to read every night.

When the children have started their Phase 2 Phonics work they will start bringing home a sound book. When they have started blending sounds they will bring reading books to share.  


Reception Timetable and Curriculum Information 2016-17

In Reception, children have 3 teacher led carpet sessions a day: Literacy, Phonics and Maths. During the course of the week we also cover other sessions like Handwriting, Music, Circle Time and Knowledge and Understanding of the World. Children in Reception spend a large part of their day learning in the different areas of provision in the classroom. This may be during an adult led activity, or by independently exploring something of interest. For a large part of the day, children have 'free flow' to the outdoor area as well, which is why outdoor clothing is crucial in Reception. 

It is recommended that teachers in the Early Years follow children's interests as much as possible, therefore we don't stick rigidly to a curriculum planner. Instead, teachers will communicate by newsletter what topics children are studying in class so that you can support learning at home. Please keep up to date with individual children’s interests via Tapestry and feel free to add your own observations. 


Welcome to Reception!

Welcome to all new Reception children and parents/carers we hope you have enjoyed your first couple of weeks with us. We are now starting to feel settled in our classrooms, we are starting to think about becoming independent, making friends and learning the routines. 

Autumn 2


This half term we have been continuing to learn new sounds. The children have been practising their formation of these letters as well as saying them accurately. We have been doing lots of work on segmenting to write and blending to read. We have been doing this as a whole group, on our own and in little groups. 

The children have also been working really hard with recognising their Tricky Words I, to, the, no and go. We have been reading these on their own and as part of a caption. 

Now the children are beginning to bring reading books home, please practise with your children regularly to support them in becoming a confident reader. 

The Phase 2 sounds we have learnt are:

Set 1: s, a, t, p

Set 2: i, n, m, d

Set 3: g, o, c, k

Set 4: ck, e, u, r 

Set 5: h, b, l, f 

Set 6: ss, ff, ll 


This half term we have been continuing with our number recognition to 20 and our accurate counting. We have been focusing on counting objects that cannot be moved, for example pictures on the board or paper, holes in numicon or claps and jumps.

We have started to think about counting the objects in two groups in order to find the total. We have started to record this as a number sentence, thinkning carefully about + and =. 

We have also been busy thinking about shapes and their properties, talking about corners, sides and length. We have done lots of work about repeating patterns and have worked together to complete some patterns as well as creating our own. We have even had a go at clapping patterns. You could try this at home!


This half term we have all been practising being more independent with our coats, shoes and all in one suits. 

We have been developing our gross motor skills by taking part in tricky obstacle courses going under, over and through. We have been developing our confidence on the climbing equipment and taking turns using the bikes and scooters.

The children have shown a real interest in mark making with chalks. I'm sure you will have seen some of their fantastic creations at the end of each day. The children have enjoyed practising their letter sounds on the floor and writing their names. We have also enjoyed using powder paints in the puddles to make marks. 

There have been some very imaginative constructions with the crates and fantastic role play too!

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