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Welcome to Reception!

Our Reception Teachers are Mrs Cusdin, Miss Ward and Miss Sharpe. 

Our Teaching Assistants are Mrs Weston, Miss Cairns, Mrs Bottomley and Mrs Kaur.

Our Key Workers are Mrs Ishfaq and Miss Carter.

What we need in Reception...

In addition to our school uniform we will  need:

  • All in one waterproof
  • Wellies 
  • Pumps
  • Water bottle 
  • Appropriate outdoor coat (waterproof, warm and with a hood as we go out in ALL weathers).

Please make sure all of your children's things are named. 

If your child borrows any clothes from school please ensure that these are returned swiftly. Thank you. 


Reception children arrive and leave school through their classrooms. If your child is going to be picked up by anyone other than the regular carer you need to inform the class teacher or the office before the end of school. If the class teacher is unaware of any arrangements they will need to phone you to confirm this is agreed. Please make sure the class teacher knows who will be picking up your child to save any problems at the end of the day.

Class Routines

Children need their PE Kit in school for their weekly lessons.

PE Days

All three Reception classes have PE on a Friday. Please make sure all of your child's items are named. 

During independent learning children are able to help themselves to a snack and drink. Your child is able to have their milk during this time if you have signed up to 'CoolMilk'.

Children go to the hall for their dinner at 11:30am each day. Meals are free for all.

Each week two children from each class will be selected to receive an award in our Celebration Assembly. Each week one child will also receive a Star Writer certificate. Throughout the week, children earn dojo points for good behaviour, hard work and helping others. 

Our Curriculum

Develoment Matters

There are 3 Prime Areas:

- Personal, Social and Emotional Development
- Communication and Language
- Physical Development

There are 4 Specific Areas:

- Literacy
- Maths
- Understanding the World
- Expressive Art and Design
These are the things we are covering every day in Reception. We often practise these skills through play.
There is a huge emphasis on the Prime Areas as without these, learning in the Specific Areas is limited.

How to help at home...

Sound Book; please practise the weekly sounds with your child when the sound book comes home on a Friday. Please ensure your child's sound  book is back in school by the following Wednesday so that the new sounds can be added. 

Reading Books; please read with your child on a regular basis (5 minutes a night is ideal) and write a comment in your child's reading record to illustrate how you feel they are progressing, adults in school will also write in your child's reading record when they have read with us. Your child's book will be changed once a week, usually on a Friday, but please ensure that their book is in their book bag everyday. Your child will read to an adult every other week. 

Library Books; When the children are settled we will begin to visit the school library. The children will be able to choose one book each week to bring home and share with you. Please keep a look out in your child's book bag for further information about your child's library day and return the library slip to your child's class teacher as soon as possible. 


This half term we have been learning four new sounds a week. The children have been practising their formation of these letters as well as saying them accurately. We have been doing lots of work on segmenting to write and blending to read. We have been doing this as a whole group, on our own and in little groups. 

The children have also been working really hard with recognising their Tricky Words he, she, me, we, be, was, my and you. We have been reading these on their own and as part of captions and sentences. . 

The Phase 2 sounds we have learnt are:

Set 1: s, a, t, p

Set 2: i, n, m, d

Set 3: g, o, c, k

Set 4: ck, e, u, r 

Set 5: h, b, l, f 

Set 6: ss, ff, ll 

The Phase 3 sounds we are learning are:

j, v, w, x

y, z, zz, qu

ch, sh, th, ng

ai, ee, igh, oa, oo

ar, or, ur, ow

oi, ear, air, ure, er



In Reception we learn a number every two weeks. This helps us to master concepts such as; one more and one less, addition, subtraction, shape, doubling, halving and sharing as we revisit them frequently. 

We develop our Maths skills through whole class carpet sessions, focussed activities and exploring provision. 

We have been enjoying contributing to our Maths Floor Book each week and would love to share our learning with you when you visit us for Stay and Play this half term!


This half term we have been sharing stories together, thinking about characters and settings, discussing the main events in a story and thinking about how a character might feel. 

In Literacy we apply our phonics skills through shared writing activities such as describing a character, labelling a picture and listening for rhyming words in stories. 

As well as developing our reading and writing skills in Literacy we encourage the children to have a go during their time in provision. We support them in reading and writing linking to their interests and for their own purposes as well as having a go at challenges in class.


This half term we have been enjoying the outside area, even in some of the worse weather!

We have been developing our gross motor skills by taking part in tricky obstacle courses going under, over and through. We have been developing our confidence on the climbing equipment and taking turns using the bikes and scooters.

The children have shown a real interest in mark making with chalks. I'm sure you will have seen some of their fantastic creations at the end of each day. The children have enjoyed practising their letter sounds on the floor and writing their names. We have also enjoyed using powder paints in the puddles to make marks. 

We have had some great fun this half term reading clues in the outside area and following the instructions to find a character or treasure. Some of the children have even had a go at making their own reading treasure hunts. 

There have been some very imaginative constructions with the crates and fantastic role play too!

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