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Year 6 Homepage

Welcome to the Gledhow Year 6 homepage.

This is the place for you to keep up to date with all things Year 6. There will be examples of work, videos of trips, pupil testimonials and much more. Make sure to keep coming back during the year to see what we have been up to. 

Mr Walker, Miss Chainey and the Year 6 team.


Si Smith - Illustrator - September 2017

We have been immensely fortunate to have Si Smith working with both Year 6 Classess to produce some incredible prints based on the Beatitudes. Both classess thoroughly enjoyed the experience from drafting to printing and can be proud of their acheivements.

You don't have to wait long to see them. They will be shown at the exhibition "World Turned Upside Down" at St Edmunds Church. You are warmly invited to the launch night on Friday 20th October from 6:30pm - 9:30pm. (There will be crisps!) 


This term our theme for art is 'Buildings'.  So far the children have been working in pen and collage to create these wonderful images.

img2video_8x11q5bQ (1).mp4

Bun Sale - Friday 13th October

Year 6 had a busy week baking and preparing lots of tasty treats for the annual bun sale. A Halloween theme ensured some spooky looking snacks were on display. All classes were given the opportunity to visit, choose a cake and make a contribution. We were also really grateful to parents who came at the end of the day and bought up the rest of the stock at the end of the day! We were able to raise lots of money for our dual appeal: Cancer Research and Summerfield Primary Flood Appeal.

Mr Walker and Miss Chainey

Our Library to love

On Monday 6th November, we were able to read and borrow books from our freshly opened library. We tested out a new system for checking books out and gave all the comfortable seating areas a try out. 

"I liked all the bean bags and the chairs were all super comfy. I'm looking forward to reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid" said Iqra. She wasn't alone in enjoying the first of many Library sessions.


Moana - IntoFilm Festival - 9th November

Year 6 enjoyed a brilliant morning at the Vue CInema in Leeds this Thursday as part of the 2017 IntoFilm Festival. We watched Moana, the story or a courageous teenager on an epic journey. Special thanks to Ed for the popcorn!

We look forward to an exciting Literacy unit on "Strong Female Role Models"; once we return from our Whitby adventure!

Whitby Residential - 14th - 17th November 2017

Well, what a week it was! We had a jam-packed week with many great activities including street studies, Talent Show, museum artifcat hunts, crabbing and the Whitby Trail to name but a few. Delicious meals in the Youth Hostel provided us with the energy we needed to explore this historic seaside town. The children were a true credit to themselves and Gledhow school. On a number of occassions, members of the public and activity staff, commented on the brilliant behaviour and well-mannered nature of the children - and we couldn't agree more. It was a wonderful culmination of our "Whitby" Topic and a fantastic week of learning and fun. We hope you enjoy the pictures!
Mr Walker, Miss Chainey and the whole Whitby team.

Visit of Cllr Lucinda Yeadon - 23.11.17

Year 6 had the privilege of welcoming the Deputy Leader of Leeds City Council - Cllr Lucinda Yeadon - to speak to them on the topic of "Female Role Models". Cllr Yeadon has been a councillor for nearly 10 years and spoke of her experiences at school, working for a charity and becoming a politician. The children loved asking questions and Cllr Yeadon was very complimentary on their attitude and engagement. I believe we may even have a couple of budding politicians in our midst!
Mr Walker and Miss Chainey

Fraction Action - 30.1.18

Yesterday we continued our exploration of fractions by taking it out into the playground. We completed a number of activities related to ordering and sequencing fractions. We used mathematical language to explain our methodology and describe our strategies. If was nice to get out of the classroom for a change. George said "...explaining my choices helped me understand how fractions related to each other." and Leyla said: " It was cold but I enjoyed having to find my place in the ordering task."

Junior Warrior

Year 5 and 6 pupils had a brilliant time at Junior Warrior on Friday 22nd June. Navigating mud pits, net walls and a cold plunge, they made their way round the 2km course with bravery and determination. This feels like the beginnings of a new Gledhow tradition. 

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