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Year 4 Page

4DB Digestion

This term we have been studying what happens to our food as it travels through our bodies. As part of this work the children have had great fun planning and building their own 3D model of the digestive system. Can you spot the different organs?


4SB Digestive Systems

We have also been learning all about the different stages of the digestive system in 4SB. The children learnt how the digestion process begins in the mouth, where teeth help to break food down into manageable chunks and enzymes in the saliva begin to break down starches.  As part of their studies, the children worked either independently or in groups to create their own digestive systems, complete with factual labels to explain the main functions of each part.  We had great fun!

Moving Monsters 4DB

As part of our DT this term we have designed and made our own moving monsters using pneumatics. What do you think?