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Year 3 work


Armley Mills

Year 3 visited Armley Mills as part of our work on factories in the Victorian times.

They very much enjoyed learning about the different jobs children had whilst working in the factories, such as scavengers, doffers, piecers and fillers. 

The Victorian school room was the source of much fun and learning as the children were able to experience writing on slates, using a Victorian dipping pen to write in copy books and taking part in 'drill' with dumbbells!

Here are a few photos from our amazing day!



In Science, we used diamond ranking to determine what we would need most to survive on a desert island!



In Science, we investigated whether having longer legs helps us to jump further, or whether having longer arms helps us to throw further. We came to the conclusion that it depends how strong people's muscles are, and how often someone has taken part in a certain exercise.



In Art, we have been making pictures from natural sources and we have been recreating the work of our studied artist (William Morris).


School Council

Well done to our school council members who were elected last term:


Finn Marriott

Mary Skirrow


Topsy Charlett

Rayan Idris

They gave some really impressive speeches!


Author visit


We really enjoyed our visit from author Stephen Pass, who did a workshop with Year 3 and 4, and told us all about his inspiration for writing!

Fruit Cocktails!


We enjoyed designing and making our own fruit cocktail recipes!

Easter Egg Hunt


We had a great time hunting for Easter Eggs as our end of term reward last term!