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Year 2


Year 2 Visited by Samuel Pepys Nov 2016

As part of Year 2's Great Fire of London topic we were visited by Samuel Pepys.  The children enjoyed finding out about the Great Fire from his world famous diaries and took part in a range of musical and practical activities.  


Year 2 Bread Tasting 2016

As part of our DT unit on making sandwiches, 2PG and 2VW tested a range of breads.  Children discussed what breads they would use to make their final products.  Children sampled a range of white bread, wholemeal bread, fruit bread and raisin bread and undertook a class survey to find the most popular.

2PG/2VW Practical Maths 2016

As part of the new maths curriculum Year 2 have, this week, been exploring the value of weight and capacity.  Children undertook a range of practical activities using balance scales including ordering weight of objects, measuring and recording weights of objects and estimating capacity of containers.