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Reception Children's Work

RAC Outdoors!

RAC have loved exploring the outdoor area and have taken part in many different activities! One of the activities that the children particularly enjoyed was using water and paintbrushes to draw pictures, write their names and practise their letter formation on the floor. 

RAC's Repeating Patterns!

This week RAC have looked at how to create a repeating pattern. The children have used coloured teddy bears, counters, threading beads, and other objects to create their repeating patterns. The bead threading was great for their fine motor skills too!

RAC's Hairdressers

Last half term many of the children were using the painting equipment as hairdressing tools, so this half term we decided to create a Hairdressers Role Play for the children. It's been great to see so many children enjoying this area and displaying some fantastic social skills!

RKJ Celebrations

RKJ have been learning about celebrations. We have enjoyed making and decorating cupcakes at our creative table. 

We cut out the shapes, then used glitter and sequins to make delicious looking sprinkles!

RLW Autumn Activities.

RLW are been enjoying autumn  and have brought in loads of conkers for the Investigation Area. They have been involved in a lot of Autumn based activities and produced some lovely pictures and sewing.

They enjoyed  using conkers in the maths area for counting and ordering by size and some children have become very enthusiastic about sweeping leaves in the outdoor area.



RLW at work and Play

RLW have all settled well into school and have been very busy both in the areas of provision and with adult led activities.