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Our new term at Nursery - Autumn Term 1

Our children are settling in at Nursery.

They are beginning to explore all the areas of provision and activities that we provide.

They are enjoying new experiences and making new relationships with both adults and their peers.


Wellie Wednesday

Our children have fantastic learning opportunities from our visits to the Reception Village outdoor area. On our last visit they used implements to dig in the gravel.

They also built a wall and a road together. Other children mixed large pans of ‘mud’ soup and counted the spoonfuls!

We had stories and songs sitting on the toadstools and special story telling chair. Some of us built a pathway to the wooden castle at the top of the hill using the logs and branches that we found. Group activities involved re-telling the ‘Bear Hunt’ story and following each other through the area.

We plan to continue visiting every Wednesday even when it is muddy!!

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